Song of Io-Amon

And so it was, as Io-Amon saw his Master torn asunder by the axe of Aurak-Zal, that he fled in grief from the battlefield of gods to the world of mortals, never seeing the birth of Bahamut or Tiamat. Nor the destruction of Aurak-Zal.

And so after the fall of the mighty Primordial, Tiamat turned her many eyes upon Io-Amon, seeking to punish him for his cowardice.

But Bahamut blocked her sight saying, “Leave well alone our Father’s favorite. He served well in his time and has given up both memory and divinity in grief over our Father’s death, such was his love.”

And so Tiamat laid into Bahamut a powerful strike, and the Astral Sea shook again with the tide of battle, though this time the gods fought among themselves.

In the end the two gods withdrew as a draw. But Tiamat spoke, “Hope then Bahamut, that you will always be there to hide that creature from my sight. For I swear I will see that coward’s soul cast into to Abyss.”

“I tell you now, that ‘coward’ will be protected all his lives, for I will send one to watch over him. I will prepare him Tiamat. Know this, when you think all is won over me Io-Amon, favorite of our Father, will be your undoing.”

So spoke Bahamut.

Song of Io-Amon

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